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Group of people at Careers in Maufacturing Expo

Leading the creative charge for manufacturing in Connecticut

Manufacturing is a significant part of Connecticut's economy and one of the largest sectors in Connecticut's economy, contributing about $28 billion annually to the state's GDP. The sector employs about 160,000 workers, which is about 10% of the state's total workforce.

Mags & Marrelli is working with Housatonic College  to build awareness of the need for employees in the field of manufacturing. One way we are doing this is by handling the marketing and advertising of various Manufacturing Expos in CT. The other way is by creating videos highlighting fabulous manufacturers in the area.

Marketing support of
Manufacturing Expo '22

Work created for CT manufacturers

Manufacturers should advertise for several reasons. Firstly, advertising helps to build brand awareness and promote their products and services to potential customers. By increasing brand recognition and product visibility, manufacturers can generate new leads, increase sales, and grow their customer base.

Secondly, advertising can help manufacturers to differentiate themselves from their competitors. By highlighting their unique selling points and competitive advantages, manufacturers can position themselves as the preferred choice for customers in their target market.

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